Deluxe Ninja LED Light up Sword with Motion Activated Clanging Sounds


  • Translucent Blue LED Safe Blade With Detailed Silver & Black Handle
  • Includes 1 Sword With 3 Low Mercury AA Batteries
  • Features Bright LED Lights & Makes Cool Clanging Noise When Moved
  • Perfect For Halloween, Costume Parties & Everyday Play!

The Deluxe Ninja LED Sword is the perfect sword for a modern Ninja Samurai Warrior! The handle is silver and black and the blade is a transparent blue plastic. Use this amazing LED sword at your next party. It is the perfect accessory to light up a costume. With the push of a button, the sword is activated and the blade will light up blue while two LEDs at the top of the handle will blink in blue and red. When the sword is moved through the air or touches an object, it will make sword clanging sounds. Instructions: Remove the plastic pull tab from the LED sword, then press the button located on the handle. Pressing once will activate the LEDs and pressing twice will turn off the LEDs.

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